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The Social Security Death Index lists her birthday as March 3, 1882. Fealy hit the big time just before the turn of the century when theatre impresario Augustin Daly discovered her playing Juliet and signed her to a five year contract. Daly died in 1899.

After a break in film work from 1917 to 1931, Fealy began appearing again in films, mostly in uncredited, brief walk-ons. As time went on roles and money dried up.  On June 26, 1949 Fealy wrote a letter to director George Cukor who had given her.

Fealy apologized for any injustice she had done to Sherwin and made reparations to her mother by not seeing him again. Two years later a quiet divorce was completed. Sherwin would go on to a romantic relationship with fallen star. Mary Miles Minter and a become.

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Fealy continued doing stage work until her semi-retirement in 1963. Maude Fealy died on November 9, 1971, and Cecil B. DeMille who had died in 1959, provided in his will that Maude Fealy be entombed at Hollywood Memorial Park Cemetery Mausoleum (now known as Hollywood Forever.

Moreover I cant bear to hurt anyones feelings. As for cheerfulness, its the greatest tonic in the world. It makes one breathe well and deeply and helps ones complexion, and a good complexion helps ones appearance. The appearance is an asset in making friends, and.

Over a broken contract. Cort in turn sued Margaret Fealys husband Rafaello Cavallo for monies he says he had lost with Maude Fealy while on tour with her. Cavallo was in the entertainment field as well, being the founder of the Denver Symphony Orchestra and.

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