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Nervous about radical change? Then think smaller, says Garrison : "You can stick with your favorite style, but update it in little ways." The trick is to work with a stylist who focuses on three key factors: your bone structure, hair texture and preferred maintenance.

If you have a great smile, for example, ask for chin-length pieces in front that will hit at lip level. Your goal: To hide forehead wrinklesTry: Eyebrow-skimming bangs (think Goldie Hawn). They'll cover lines and play up your eyes. Your goal: To sculpt cheekbonesTry: Creating.

SpaceX craft pulls off flawless docking with space station. Tornadoes kill at least 23, injure dozens in Alabama. Full screen 1/7 SLIDES Good Housekeeping none There's no denying it: Your hair and face change as you get older. And so should your cut, because falling.

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Learn enough lingo to make yourself clear. Four Styling StandbysPomade adds control and tames the frizzies. If your hair is long, use on the roots y: L'Oral Studio Line FX Toss Lotion or Aveda Pure-Fume Brilliant Humectant Pomade. Wax gives intense control, which is especially.

Just don't be pressured into trying anything that doesn't sound right. 7/7 SLIDES  altrendo images/Getty Images none How to Choose the Style That's Right for YouYour goal: To firm up the jawlineTry: At least nape-length layers that are shorter in back. Adding some swing this.

"And the color was way too light, making her look pale." 4/7 SLIDES Good Housekeeping none AfterWhy This Cut WorksGarrison snipped off the frazzled ends and gave Malena a sexy bob that brings out her gorgeous bone structure. As for color, "the beauty is in.

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