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The Gift (1982 Tribute to Freud (1956 and End to Torment (1979 but also in much of her poetry and fiction. H.D.s childhood began on Church Street in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in the close-knit Moravian community in which her mothers family had been influential since its.

Within this modernist tradition, H.D.s particular emphasis grew out of her perspective as a woman regarding the intersections of public events and private lives in the aftermath of World War I and in the increasingly ominous period culminating in the Atomic Age. Love and war.

But her father forbade art school, and her mothers self-effacement and conventional devotion to the Professors work provided a problematic model for her aspiring daughter. H.D. recalled that as a child her mother had loved to sing, but she never once sang after her father.

Lawrences jennifer evolving style
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Hilda was her austere fathers favorite child. Only she was allowed to play quietly in his study and cut the pages of his new books. As a child, she associated the fables and myths she loved to read with her fathers stars and the astrological.

The development of H.D.s increasingly complex and resonant texts is best understood when placed in the context of other important modernists, many of whom she knew intimately and all of whom she read avidlyespecially poets such as. Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, William Butler Yeats, William.

Following in the footsteps of Henry James and Mary Cassatt and paralleling the paths of Pound, Eliot, and Stein, H.D. lived as an expatriate in England and Europe from 1911 until her death in 1961. Her roots, however, were fully American and provided a heritage.

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