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School Middle swimmer foto
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10. Teammates/parents/coach/lifeguard/random public swimmer who stand directly in front of the pace clock. When you are mid main set and youre already mostly out of breath you rue having to waste precious energy and oxygen yelling at someone to pick a different place to stand.

The uneven pace clocks usually results in times going one way being especially quick, while going in the other direction results in some below par results. 9. Unrequested high fives. Youll be swimming along, rhythmically cruising at a moderately awesome pace when whammy! a hand-slap.

There are those moments as a swimmer when you think you are totally and utterly nailing it. Your stroke feels great, your kick crisp, and your walls tight and quick. But when someone bombs past you doing backstroke or gulp breaststroke, that confidence and self-belief.

School Middle swimmer
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6. We smell like chlorine all the time. Apparently. Theres a meme for swimmers going around that says, Chlorine is my perfume. But like anyone who applies the same scent to themselves multiple times a day, we dont even notice the smell anymore. (Unless you.

18. You are pleased when the meet P.A. announcer says your name properly. Much like a substitute teacher you inwardly tense up and cringe as the announcer works his way down the lanes, getting ever closer to you and your triple-hyphened last name. Sweet relief.

YourSwimBook, a powerful log book and goal setting guide made specifically for swimmers. Sign up for the. YourSwimBook newsletter (free) and get weekly motivational tips by clicking here. Swimmers are an awesomely unique bunch. We smell consistently like industrial-grade solvent, count tiles for hours on.

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