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A long scarf which is wrapped around the head, pinned under the chin and gently rests on the shoulders. It is usually worn on top of a cap of a matching colour, which helps to keep the hijab in place. The rim of the cap.

A third factor could be social class. On the one hand, designer clothes from the West are very popular among the middle and upper class, while traditional garments and more conservative attires might be more easily found in popular neighbourhoods. While this could be true.

NO. Only men in the Gulf are used to daily wear the headscarf and the white e headscarf ( ghuthrain the Gulf, keffiah in the Levant) is tied on the head with a black piece of cord ( aghal ) and is used with a skullcap.

Wear how to ghutra
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Fashion style Wear how to ghutra for girls
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Most of the times we will see how these opinions are then reflected in the way Arabs dress. For example, it is indeed true that many women in Lebanon do not cover their hair, on the contrary, the majority of women in Saudi Arabia wear.

KHIMAR : is a long veil which covers the head and the chest till the waist. The face is left uncovered. It is not as popular as the previous types of head covering; still some women wear it in their daily life. Photo credit: J McDowell.

Photo credit: POTIER Jean-Louis 3. NIQAB : a face veil which is usually worn with a headscarf and tied behind the head. It leaves a gap for the eyes only, even though some women add an eye veil which allows them to see without revealing.

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